Land's End to John O'Groats Cycletouring Trip Part 1

Photograph of me at the Land's End milepost on the 4th June 2001
Me at the Land's End milepost on the 4th June 2001

This is the first part of my 'End to End' cycletouring trip which took me from Land's End to Carlisle and ran from Monday 4th June to Thursday 5th July 2001.

Part Two of this trip ran the following year from Carlisle to John O'Groats in June/July/August 2002.

From Lands End I followed Sustrans route 3 to Taunton using the 'Cornish Way' and 'West Country Way' cycle maps. From Taunton I made my own way via Highbridge up to Chepstow, and then along Sustrans routes to Rhyader. From there I travelled to Aberystwyth and followed the west coast of Wales up to Caernarfon and then along the north coast to Chester in England. From Chester I made up a route using OS Landranger maps to Carlisle, roughly following the west coast of England.

Image of a map that shows the route I took when cycling from Land's End to Carlisle
My Land's End to Carlisle Route Map
Day 1 - Lands End to Hayle Day 2 - Hayle to St. Just Day 5 - St.Just to Carlyon Bay Day 6 - Carlyon Bay to Wadebridge Day 7 - Wadebridge to Bude Day 9 - Bude to Braunton Day 10 - Braunton to Tiverton Day 12 - Tiverton to Highbridge Day 15 - Highbridge to Chepstow Day 17 - Chepstow to Talgarth Day 18 - Talgarth to Rhyader Day 19 - Rhyader to Devil's Bridge Day 20 - Devil's Bridge to Llanbedr Day 21 - Llanbedr to Caernafon Day 24 - Caernafon to Prestatyn Day 25 - Prestatyn to Chester Day 26 - Chester to Liverpool Day 27 - Liverpool to Southport Day 28 - Southport to Garstang Day 29 - Garstang to Morecombe Day 30 - Morecombe to Ambleside Day 31 - Ambleside to Carlisle

Follow my cycling journey and find out where I got to on my bike. Click on a section of my route in the map above or follow the links below to read about my journey. The download size of the pages including photographs is shown here in kilobytes.

Getting Ready (22Kb)

Cycletouring kit (13Kb)

Getting to the Start (92Kb)

Day by day breakdown of the journey
Day Route Distance
Day 1  Land's End to Hayle   27   184Kb
Day 2  Hayle to St. Just   25   90Kb
Day 3  Rest & Repairs in St. Just   -   3Kb
Day 4  Rest & Repairs in St. Just   -   3Kb
Day 5  St. Just to Carlyon Bay      13Kb
Day 6  Carlyon Bay to Wadebridge      142Kb
Day 7  Wadebridge to Bude      19Kb
Day 8  Rest in Bude   -   1Kb
Day 9  Bude to Braunton      150Kb
Day 10  Braunton to Tiverton      42Kb
Day 11  Rest in Tiverton   -   1Kb
Day 12  Tiverton to Highbridge      57Kb
Day 13  Rest in Highbridge   -   46Kb
Day 14  Rest in Highbridge   -   31Kb
Day 15  Highbridge to Chepstow   62+   93Kb
Day 16  Rest in Chepstow   -   1Kb
Day 17  Chepstow to Talgarth   56   116Kb
Day 18  Talgarth to Rhyader   28   25Kb
Day 19  Rhyader to Devils Bridge      259Kb
Day 20  Devils Bridge to Llanbedr   63+   72Kb
Day 21  Llanbedr to Caernarfon   38   76Kb
Day 22  Rest in Caernarfon   -   1Kb
Day 23  Rest in Caernarfon   -   1Kb
Day 24  Caernarfon to Prestatyn   55+   120Kb
Day 25  Prestatyn to Chester   31+   54Kb
Day 26  Chester to Liverpool   63+   73Kb
Day 27  Liverpool to Southport   25+   142Kb
Day 28  Southport to Garstang   26+   25Kb
Day 29  Garstang to Morecambe   22   22Kb
Day 30  Morecambe to Ambleside   41   117Kb
Day 31  Ambleside to Carlisle   53   18Kb
Total:  Land's End to Carlisle  615+  -

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