Land's End to John O'Groats Cycletouring Trip Part 2

Day 1 - Carlisle to Twice Brewed

Today I was up at 8am, and fully packed and on my way by 10am. I cycled through Carlisle and Brampton, and then on to Lanercost Priory and then to see the first part of the wall - Banks Turret. I stopped at Birdoswold Roman Fort to find a keen cyclist working at the counter who recommended a route to take and places to see the wall. Here I bought the local Landranger map as it was going to make navigation so much easier. It seems that only one stretch of the wall is worth travelling to, this being in the middle stretch of the original line of the wall from coast to coast - much of the rest, especially at either ends has largely disappeared over the years. I would have to cycle on further for a good view.

I cycled on through Gilsand and encountered a big hill after passing through Greenhead. After this I was on the dead straight Roman or 'military road'. Following the ups and downs for what seemed an age, I found Windshields Farm at Twice Brewed which took campers. I decided to set up my tent here and cycled on to the Vindolanda Roman Fort to take photos. Here there was an archaeological dig in progress. After this I walked up to see a good view of Hadrian's wall on the other side of the military road. Distance cycled from Carlisle to the farm today was 29 miles, with an extra 3 miles after this to the fort and wall.

In the evening I went to the local pub, the 'Twice Brewed Inn' where I met a group of 4 cyclists who were from Norwich. They had cycled from the train station at Newcastle and had had the wind against them all day. I had an evening meal in the pub as I had misjudged how far I could cycle, and the location of cash points and shops (I learned from this mistake and thereafter always carried 1 days food with me!). Camping tonight was £3 - I had to secure a flapping sign at the campsite with a couple of bungees to ensure a quiet nights sleep.

Photograph of Carlisle Castle
Carlisle Castle

Photograph of an information plaque about Lanercost Old Bridge
Information about Lanercost Old Bridge

Photograph of Lanercost Old Bridge
Lanercost Old Bridge

Photograph of Lanercost Priory
Lanercost Priory

Photograph of Lanercost Priory
Lanercost Priory

Photograph of the road sign at Once Brewed
Once Brewed

Photograph of the road sign at Twice Brewed
Twice Brewed

Photograph of a Northumberland National Park sign and a tree
Northumberland National Park

Photograph of an archaelogical dig in progress at Vindolanda, near Twice Brewed
Archaelogical dig in progress at Vindolanda

Photograph of a third century military bath house at Vindolanda
Third century military bath house at Vindolanda

Photograph of some replica altars and a tombstone at Vindolanda
Replica altars and a tombstone at Vindolanda

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