Land's End to John O'Groats Cycletouring Trip Part 2

Day 2 - Twice Brewed to Gretna

I was up at 8am again this morning, and spent the first hours walking up to the top of the ridge behind the farm where I was camping. From here I could walk along Hadrian's Wall. I took several photos with both APS and 35mm film.

I returned to the farm and eventually got packed up and set off by about midday. I followed the military road to Greenhead and Gilsand, stopping at Greenhead after the steep downhill. I was very hungry and starting to shake. I found the little cafe but they did not take Switch or Visa, and I had still not found a food shop or cash machine by then so I rummaged through my pannier pockets to scrape together the last £3.27 that I had on me. I would remember this for a while. £3.27 was not enough for an all day breakfast which was on the menu at £3.50, and the waitress didn't look like she would let me off the difference, so I chose a round of beans on toast and a round of scrambled egg on toast which came to a little less.

While I was eating this, I was thinking about the bike. On coming into Greenhead the bike had felt very unstable coming down the steep hill. I decided to try moving the panniers from the rear of the bike to the front to dampen down the front wheel. This improved the handling of the bike for the rest of the trip.

After taking a wrong turning into a military area, I found the route I wanted and had some nice level cycling for the rest of the day. I eventually made it to Gretna, taking photographs of the 'Welcome to Scotland' sign and also looking back at the 'Welcome to England' sign I was passing. This incidentally looked much more robust in comparison.

In Gretna I spoke to 2 inquisitive young lads who were very interested in the bike and where I was going. With their help I located the campsite and set up my tent. Harry, the owner of the campsite knew straight away I was travelling an End to End, and was very proud in telling me about his route that had been published in a German motorbike book.

In town I was able to stock up on food and supplies, and from here on I always carried 1 days food with me. Because my cycle computer was already playing up, I measured today's distance using the 'piece of string on the map' method at 35.5 miles. Camping tonight was £4 with showers an extra 20p.

Photograph of a section of Hadrian's Wall near Twice Brewed
Hadrian's Wall

Photograph of a section of Hadrian's Wall near Twice Brewed
Hadrian's Wall

Photograph of a section of Hadrian's Wall near Twice Brewed
Hadrian's Wall

Photograph of a sheep behind a gate
A sheep behind a gate

Photograph of the Welcome to Scotland signs at Gretna
Finally entering Scotland

Photograph of the Welcome to England sign at Gretna
Looking back into England

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