Land's End to John O'Groats Cycletouring Trip Part 2

Day 7 - Ayr to Irvine

I had intended on taking a day off and staying at the campsite near Ayr, but I was not impressed with the state of the site and the price I was being charged. I phoned up the Scottish YHA to discover that the hostel in Ayr had been closed down, so I decided to pack up and move on somewhere nearer Androssan so that I could catch the ferry tomorrow.

On the way I stopped again in Ayr for some shopping. Ayr had a good number of shops, and it was a lovely sunny day for a look round. I bought an Ordnance Survey Road Map of Western Scotland, 6 rolls of APS film, one days food to carry with me and 1kg of gas canisters from Tiso the camping shop.

I started along the Sustrans route northwards, but the signing between Troon and Irvine was abysmal, and I ended up in the middle of nowhere wondering where I was. I took directions from another cyclist cycling home from work who knew the area well. Once again, the main roads in Irvine which were quite wide were much more effective at getting about than the Sustrans route.

I ended up in Irvine, and sat down in a park to read my Big Sites book and locate a campsite. I made my way to the nearest one which was in an Estate in Cunninghamhead. Camping here was £5.

Today on the way out of Ayr, I had my second puncture of the journey - the first was whilst travelling to the train station at the very start. I fitted the spare tube and repaired the punctured once at the campsite in the evening. The distance today, using the piece of string on the map technique, was approximately 20 miles.

Photograph of the seashore at Ayr
The seashore at Ayr

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