Land's End to John O'Groats Cycletouring Trip Part 2

Day 10 - Rest in Oban

Today I was going to have a day off looking round Oban. There was initially no room at the SYHA hostel so I was moving out and packing my last few things outside ready to go when the guy at reception came outside to tell me about a cancelled room, so everything went back in to the building again. £14 for a space in a 3 bed dorm.

I took my last few pictures on a roll of film with my Zenit 11 SLR camera. I was interested in getting these developed to see how good the pictures were. If they were poor then I would send the camera back home, and that would be a relief as the Zenit is a heavy old machine. They were pretty bad, although thinking back, this may have been due to the rather old film that I was using.

Today I bought another pair of Ron Hill tracksters and the usual supplies of food. I met two women working in 'Cafe Na Lusana' from the ceilidh last night. Here they had internet access so I caught up on what was happening in the world!

In Tesco's, I sent off my camera and then met Leo from the ceilidh last night, and sat with him in the Tesco cafe for over an hour. He gave me recommendations on which pubs to go to tonight.

Back at the hostel, the cycle shed is completely full today and I have to squeeze my bike and trailer in. Met up with Leo in the pubs in the evening and went to 'The Woodside'? to see some local character.

Photograph of McCaig's Tower in Oban
McCaig's Tower

Photograph of a view of Oban, taken from McCaig's Tower
View of Oban from McCaig's Tower

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