Land's End to John O'Groats Cycletouring Trip Part 2

Photograph of me standing with my bike at the John O'Groats milepost on the 20th of August 2002
Me at the John O'Groats milepost, 20th August 2002

This is the second part of my 'End to End' cycletouring trip which took me from Carlisle to John O'Groats and ran from Tuesday 25th June to Thursday 22nd August 2002.

Part One of this journey ran from Land's End to Carlisle the pevious year in July 2001.

On this journey I started by following Sustrans Route 7 from Carlisle to Irvine and then making my own route from there onwards. I avoided Glasgow by taking ferries from Androssen to the Isle of Arran and then to the Mull of Kintyre. From here I followed the west coast and took another ferry from Mallaig to the Isle of Skye where I spent two weeks at a traditional music festival. Returning to the mainland by the Skye Bridge, I then continued up the west coast to Durness and followed the North coast to John O'Groats. Here I took the ferry to the Orkney Islands and spent 10 days touring before coming back down the East coast to Wick to get the train back home.

Image of a map that shows the route I took when cycling from Carlisle to John O'Groats
My Carlisle to John O'Groats Route
Day 1 - Carlisle to Twice Brewed Day 2 - Twice Brewed to Gretna Day 4 - Gretna to Castle Douglas Day 5 - Castle Douglas to Newton Stewart Day 6 - Newton Stewart to Ayr Day 7 - Ayr to Irvine Day 8 - Irvine to Lochgilphead Day 9 - Lochgilphead to Oban Day 11 - Oban to Fort William Day 12 - Fort William to Arisaig Day 13 - Arisaig to Ostaig Day 30 - Ostaig to Kyleakin Day 31 - Kyleakin to Lochcarron Day 33 - Lochcarron to Taagon Day 34 - Taagon to Poolewe Day 36 - Poolewe to Ullapool Day 37 - Ullapool to Scourie Day 38 - Scourie to Durness Day 40 - Durness to Bettyhill Day 41 - Bettyhill to Thurso Day 42 - Thurso to John O'Groats Day 55 - John O'Groats to Wick Day 44 - John O'Groats to Kirkwall Day 46 - Kirkwall to Stromness

Follow my cycling journey and find out where I got to on my bike. Click on a section of my route in the map above, or follow the links below to read about my journey. The download size of the pages including photographs is shown here in kilobytes.

Getting Ready (51Kb)

Cycletouring Kit (11Kb)

Getting to the Start (6Kb)

Day by day breakdown of the journey
Day Route Distance
Day 1  Carlisle to Twice Brewed   29  220Kb
Day 2  Twice Brewed to Gretna   36  97Kb
Day 3  Rest in Gretna   -  2Kb
Day 4  Gretna to Castle Douglas   52  135Kb
Day 5  Castle Douglas to Newton Stewart   44  114Kb
Day 6  Newton Stewart to Ayr   47  84Kb
Day 7  Ayr to Irvine   20  23Kb
Day 8  Irvine to Lochgilphead   50  144Kb
Day 9  Lochgilphead to Oban   37  86Kb
Day 10  Rest in Oban   -  37Kb
Day 11  Oban to Fort William   49  123Kb
Day 12  Fort William to Arisaig   37  50Kb
Day 13  Arisaig to Kilbeg (nr Armadale)   11  98Kb
Day 13 to 23 Isle of Skye Festival   -  151Kb
Day 24  Visit to Portree   -  46Kb
Day 25  Rest in Kilbeg   -  12Kb
Day 26  Visit to Portree and Trotternish Peninsula   -  160Kb
Day 27  Skye Festival Extra   -  22Kb
Day 28  Visit to Kilmuir and Dunvegan   -  154Kb
Day 29  Rest in Kilbeg   -  17Kb
Day 30  Ostaig to Kyleakin   25  39Kb
Day 31  Kyleakin to Lochcarron   34  40Kb
Day 32  Rest in Lochcarron   -  17Kb
Day 33  Lochcarron to Taagon   30  17Kb
Day 34  Taagon to Poolewe   26  57Kb
Day 35  Rest in Poolewe   -  26Kb
Day 36  Poolewe to Ullapool   51  103Kb
Day 37  Ullapool to Scourie   43  70Kb
Day 38  Scourie to Durness   27  65Kb
Day 39  Rest in Durness   -  87Kb
Day 40  Durness to Bettyhill   40  43Kb
Day 41  Bettyhill to Thurso   32  18Kb
Day 42  Rest in Thurso   -  60Kb
Day 43  Thurso to John O'Groats   25  234Kb
Day 44  John O'Groats to Kirkwall   20  97Kb
Day 45  County Show in Kirkwall   -  62Kb
Day 46  Kirkwall to Stromness   16  51Kb
Day 47  Day in Stromness   -  17Kb
Day 48  Tour of West Mainland   28  196Kb
Day 49  Tour of North Hoy   28  252Kb
Day 50  Tour of Central Mainland   21  224Kb
Day 51  Tour of North Mainland   34  145Kb
Day 52  Rest in Stromness   -  60Kb
Day 53  Stromness to John O'Groats   36  89Kb
Day 54  Rest in John O'Groats   -  99Kb
Day 55  John O'Groats to Wick (via Mey)   29  156Kb
Day 56  Rest in Wick   -  19Kb
Day 57  Wick to Chesham (by train)   -  108Kb
Total: Carlisle to John O'Groats   745  -
Total: Whole journey   957  -

Picture Gallery 668Kb

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