No. 2 Hawkeye Model C Box Camera

Photograph of a No2. Hawkeye Model C box camera

This is the box camera that started off my collection. I bought it from a second hand shop in Chesham in 2003 as I was interested in photography and was curious to see if I could get any pictures out of it. Conveniently it takes 120 roll film and this is easy to get hold of.

There is no control of the aperture or shutter speed, and there isn't even a bulb setting for the shutter. The only control you have is in your choice of film and the light available when you take the picture.

Here is some information about the camera:

  • The No.2 Hawkeye was first introduced in XXXX.

  • The Model C version was manufactured between 1924 and 1933.

  • Model C Specifications: Card/Wood body, meniscus lens, fixed aperture, fixed shutter speed (no bulb), rotary shutter, no tripod mountings, requires 120 roll film, produces 9x6cm frames, 8 frames to a standard roll.

  • The original sale price of the camera was $X. I bought this one at a second hand shop in Chesham for £4 in September 2003.

Photograph of trees near the River Thames at Marlow
Trees near the river Thames at Marlow

Fuji Astia 100F - (120 transparency roll film)

Photograph of boats on a river estuary in south Devon
Boats on a river estuary in south Devon

Ilford XP4 Plus 125 - (120 print roll film)

Photograph of Burgh Island, South Devon
Burgh Island, South Devon

Fuji Superia 100 - (120 print roll film)

Photograph of houses in Wingrave, Bucks
Houses in Wingrave, Bucks

Fuji Superia 100 - (120 print roll film)

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