Website Production

The pages on this web site have been written by hand using a simple text editor to create the HTML code, and then uploaded to the web server using FileZilla 2.2.

Most of the photographs have been taken with a Minolta compact APS camera, and the prints scanned using a Mustek flatbed scanner. The most recent pictures have been taken on a Canon EOS 600 camera. All of the images are manipulated using Paintshop Pro.

The Java applets in the software section have been compiled with Java 1.0.2 and the FreeJava design environment.

I use a central style sheet is used to control the appearance of all the pages on the site and 'Server side includes' are used to add the footer and menu on every page.

I use a disguised HTML list based menu system which appears as a series of buttons on a graphical browser by using CSS. I am pretty happy with it and it also complies with modern trends towards accessibility.

My ISP runs the Apache web serer.

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